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Serving all your earthquake and emergency preparedness needs.

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Emergency Concierge

A step-by-step, in-home consultation and planning session to assess and address all of your emergency needs.

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in-home consultations

A consultation to assess and make recommendations for your home or office’s emergency needs.

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Guest Speaking

Invite Cari to teach your friends, family, or coworkers how to plan, coordinate, and prepare for an emergency.

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I'm Cari Butler,
an emergency preparedness expert, mom and owner of Emergency Café. My mission is to get everyone prepared for emergencies, because we can't predict, but we can prepare.

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what clients are saying

  • Cari, this is the most deluxe emergency kit I have ever seen. You have thought of everything. What a special gift! Thank you so much for your thoughtfulness!
    Brooke Shields
    Brooke Shields
  • I am happy that my family purchased emergency kits from Emergency Café. Cari has taught us all how to be safer! Thanks for everything Cari!
    Ray Liotta
    Ray Liotta

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